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USA Metal Buildings: Enhance Comfort and Energy Efficiency with Double Bubble Insulation

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

When it comes to metal buildings in the USA, insulation plays a crucial role in maintaining comfort and energy efficiency. Unfortunately, USA Metal Buildings do not come standard with any insulation. However, several insulation options are available to enhance the performance and functionality of your metal building. In this article, we will explore the most popular and cost-effective option, which is Double Bubble Insulation. We will also discuss another insulation choice called "Bat Insulation" or 2" Fiberglass Insulation. These insulation solutions provide excellent thermal resistance, prevent condensation buildup, and offer fire resistance. Let's dive deeper into the benefits and features of these insulation options.

Double Bubble Insulation: Blocking Radiant Heat and Preventing Condensation

Double Bubble Insulation is a highly effective insulation solution for metal buildings. It is particularly useful in combating the condensation that can occur due to the corrugated metal roof and siding commonly found in USA Metal Buildings. This type of insulation is designed to block up to 96% of radiant heat, providing exceptional temperature control and energy savings.

Key Features of Double Bubble Insulation

  • Class 1/Class A Fire Rating: Double Bubble Insulation is engineered to meet the highest fire safety standards, ensuring the protection of your metal building and its occupants.

  • Unaffected by Humidity: Humidity can often be a concern when it comes to insulation materials. However, Double Bubble Insulation is unaffected by humidity, maintaining its insulation properties regardless of moisture levels.

  • R-10 for Roof and R-6 for Walls: The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance. Double Bubble Insulation is rated at R-10 for roofs and R-6 for walls, providing excellent insulation performance.

With its exceptional thermal resistance and ability to prevent condensation buildup, Double Bubble Insulation is an excellent choice for enhancing the comfort and energy efficiency of your metal building.

Bat Insulation: Fiberglass Insulation for Enhanced Warmth

In addition to Double Bubble Insulation, we also offer another insulation option known as "Bat Insulation" or 2" Fiberglass Insulation. This type of insulation provides similar benefits to Double Bubble Insulation but offers enhanced warmth during the cold months.

Key Features of Bat Insulation

  • Radiant Barrier and Warmth: Just like Double Bubble Insulation, Bat Insulation includes a radiant barrier to block radiant heat. However, the fiberglass composition of this insulation provides better insulation against cold temperatures, ensuring your metal building remains warm and comfortable in winter.

  • R-13 Rating: With an R-value of 13, Bat Insulation offers higher thermal resistance than Double Bubble Insulation, making it an ideal choice for regions with colder climates.

If you live in an area where winters can be harsh, Bat Insulation can help keep your metal building cozy and energy-efficient throughout the colder months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Do USA Metal Buildings come with insulation included?

No, USA Metal Buildings do not come standard with any insulation. However, we offer various insulation options to suit your needs and enhance the performance of your metal building.

Q2: What is the most popular insulation option for USA Metal Buildings?

The most popular and cost-effective insulation option for USA Metal Buildings is Double Bubble Insulation. It provides excellent thermal resistance, prevents condensation buildup, and blocks up to 96% of radiant heat.

Q3: How does Double Bubble Insulation prevent condensation?

Double Bubble Insulation prevents condensation by blocking radiant heat, which is the primary cause of condensation buildup in metal buildings. By reducing the temperature differential, this insulation minimizes the risk of condensation forming on the interior surfaces of your metal building.

Q4: Is Double Bubble Insulation fire-resistant?

Yes, Double Bubble Insulation is Class 1/Class A Fire Rated. It meets rigorous fire safety standards, ensuring the protection of your metal building and its occupants.

Q5: How does Bat Insulation differ from Double Bubble Insulation?

Bat Insulation, also known as 2" Fiberglass Insulation, offers enhanced warmth during cold months compared to Double Bubble Insulation. It includes a radiant barrier like Double Bubble Insulation but provides better insulation against cold temperatures.

Q6: Which insulation option is more suitable for colder climates?

For colder climates, Bat Insulation is more suitable due to its higher thermal resistance (R-13). It provides better insulation against cold temperatures, keeping your metal building warm and comfortable.


When it comes to USA Metal Buildings, insulation is an essential component to consider for optimal comfort and energy efficiency. While metal buildings do not come standard with insulation, you have several options to choose from. The most popular and cost-effective choice is Double Bubble Insulation, which blocks radiant heat, prevents condensation buildup and offers excellent fire resistance. Another option is Bat Insulation or 2" Fiberglass Insulation, which provides enhanced warmth during cold months. Both options offer distinct benefits and can significantly enhance the performance of your metal building. Reach out to our building specialists to learn more about the cost and suitability of each insulation option for your specific needs.

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