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Insulation Options

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

USA Metal Buildings do Not come standard with any Insulation. We offer a couple different Insulation options. The most popular and cost effective option being Double Bubble Insulation. Because our buildings have Corrugated Metal Roof & Siding this can cause your building to build up condensation. Double Bubble Insulation will prevent this from happening as blocks up to 96% of Radiant Heat. It is also Class 1/ Class A Fire Rated and it is unaffected by Humidity. Double Bubble Insulation is rated at R-10 for Roof & R-6 for Walls. We also offer your Traditional "Bat Insulation". We refer to it as 2" Fiberglass Insulation. This insulation has a radiant barrier just like the Double Bubble Insulation but with the Fiberglass will keep your building much warmer in the cold months. This 2" Fiberglass Insulation is rated at R-13. Please ask your building specialist about the cost for each option.

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