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John Lopez


John (Juan) Lopez is one of the founders of USA Metal Structures. Prior to starting this company he worked for multiple Metal Building Contractors & Metal Building Vendors. It was through this experience that he decided to venture out and start USA Metal Structures. 

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Orlando Perez


Orlando Perez is a founder of USA Metal Structures. Prior to this he held important roles in other Metal Building Companies as well as being a Subcontractor & installer for the Metal Buildings. His building experience plays a big role is day to day operations. 


Joe Antunez


Yovani (Joe) served 10 years in the Navy and is currently still in reserves. He is a Chief Electronics Technician. Since joining USA Metal Structures, he has always had a go get it attitude and we are proud to have him as our manager. 

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Junior Ocampo


Junior joined the USA Team with no previous Metal Building experience. Since joining the USA Team he has learned the ropes rather quickly and takes great care of his customers.

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Adam Garcia


Adam joined the USA Team after being a Manager at his previous job. Since day 1 he has been motivated and it shows in his numbers! He has a real passion for sales and making sure he is always on his A game. 

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Maria Perez
Office Assistant


Maria holds many titles here at USA Metal Structures. While her title is Office Assistant, she also dabbles in making sales and helping with other crucial endeavors. She is always open to learning and trying new things.

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Marvin Hernandez
Building Specialist


Marvin has been part the USA Team since 2022. He is wise beyond his years and is constantly looking at new ways to improve. Always making sure his customers are taken care of is his priority.

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Josh Huson
Building Specialist


Josh worked 6 years as an installer of these Metal Buildings prior to joining the USA Team. His knowledge and experience makes him stand out, however; his work ethic is where he shines the most.

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