Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that our customers ask. Please feel free to email us any further questions you may have. USA Metal Structures is here to serve you.

 How long will it take to get my building delivered after I place an order?

  • Delivery times vary depending on your area although it is generally 1-6 weeks* from the time your order is received.

What is a certified building?

  • A certified building has been designed by an engineer and has ratings for wind and snow load. Some local ordinances require that you certify any building that you construct. The objective of the building codes is to insure safety and to protect the public. Some states, don’t require buildings to be certified because they may not have to worry about heavy snowfalls and high winds. Certain states require that any new structure constructed be certified. Some require all structures to be inspected, while others only require that occupied structures be inspected prior to people living or working inside. We are able to prepare and install custom metal carports and RV carports to meet the criteria for certification. When preparing your base for your carport or RV carport installation, please be sure that the ground is level and the concrete slab or asphalt slab poured is wide enough to support the carport and anchors. Please note there is no additional warranty on certified buildings. A certified building simply means the building is built to specifications and certified by a professional engineer to meet local building requirements.If you do need to certify your building, you will likely need a copy of the blueprints for the engineers to review. Please feel free to call and speak with our customer service representatives to learn how to get a copy of the blue prints.

What type of Anchors do you use?

For ground applications we use Rebar Anchor as well as Helical Auger Anchor. For asphalt applications we use Rebar Anchor as well as special designed Asphalt Arrow Anchor. For concrete applications we use concrete Wedge Anchor. Please see below for examples:

Is my down payment refundable?

Down Payments are not refundable.

What are the dimensions of the building, outside to outside?

  • Our building measurements are Width x Length x Height

          Example: An 18’ x 21’  building has a footprint dimension 18’ x 20’. This is because there is a 6" overhang on the front and rear of the roof making the roof dimension 18'x21'.

What is the widest building you offer?

We pride ourselves in customization and providing our customers with the exact carport or metal building they need. To this end we have a wide range of options for all needs. At the moment we can offer a carport style building from 12’ to 60’ wide, and other custom buildings such as enclosed buildings or barn style buildings as wide as you want. Talk with out customer service representatives to learn what size would be best for your needs.

Any metal building orders or carport orders where the building will be wider than 32’, customers must provide a lift at the level installation site.

What size do I need to pour my cement slab?

  • You should pour your cement exact to width and 1’ shorter in length. 

            For Example: In all states except Florida, the slab for a 18’ x 21’ x 6’ unit needs to be 18’ x 20’.

Does my installation site need to be level?

  • We highly stress your site to be level and square to ensure proper installation. You may incur additional labor fees should the crew need to dig, cut leg post, raise leg post, ect.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

  • We offer an 90 day workmanship warranty on all installed metal buildings and carports.
  • 12 Gauge Galvanized Steel Frame you get a 20 year rust through warranty.

Can I order a custom sized unit?

    • Yes, please let one of our building specialist help you build the structure of your dreams. For example: if you are looking for a 23 wide x 43 long we can do it.

    What factors may add to the cost of the building?

    • Units installed over an existing structure or obstruction.
    • Installation on un-level site.
    • Installation on a deck or dock.
    • Installation on an elevated retaining wall - fees assessed on a case-by-case basis.
    • Materials that have to be transported by foot over 50 feet to the installation site.


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