USA Metal Structures offers three primary roof styles. Regular Style, Boxed Eave, and Vertical. The type of roof style you choose is a crucial part of the buying process. There are many factors that play a roll in deciding what roof style you should go with. Please read below and see the differences among each style.

Boxed Eave

Often referred to as an A-Frame roof, our boxed eave style roof is engineered to provide the coverage you need while maintaining a more stylish looking roof line to compliment you home. The panels run horizontally or from front to back. Unlike our Regular Style roof, the Boxed Eave Style roof includes L-Trim under the edges and an eave-side trim. This is definitely an upgrade from our Regular Style Roof that is stylish and affordable. USA Metal Structures highly encourages our customers to get vertical style roofs for any building that is 36′ or longer in length to avoid any leaks.


This design is the most durable as well as the most traditional style roof. Unlike the Regular Style Roof and the Boxed Eave Roof; our Vertical Style Roof has vertically installed panels. This is a tremendous benefit because it allows snow, leaves, water and other debris to slide off with ease. Other benefit that our Vertical Style Roof provides is that the panels must be installed with hat-channels. This makes the Vertical Roof the strongest style that we offer. If you live in an area that gets lots of snow and/or rain USA Metal Structures highly recommends that you go with this roof style. Also, if your building will be longer than 36′ we recommend a vertical roof style.

**We strongly suggest that you consider purchasing additional side panels and gable ends for your carport in order to avoid blowing rain and other debris from hitting your vehicles and other equipment you may have stored under your carport.


Our Regular Style Carport is our more economical choice. It comes with rounded corners and horizontal panels. If you choose to go with our Regular Style roof you do not have the option of having the panels installed vertically. With the ridges on the panels running horizontally, water, snow, leaves and other debris tend to stay onto the ridges. In effect, this will require someone to climb on the roof and clean it. While our Regular Style roof is more economical, it is not as appealing to the eye as our Boxed Eave and Vertical Style roofs.